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  • Get traffic for money keywords that you can’t even think about targeting

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  • Set-&-Forget Workflows make conversion into multiple languages and formats one-click simple.

  • 150 Minutes of free audio conversion & free translation till 200K words.

  • Get higher click-through rates and options with the ‘hit-them-where-they-ain’t’ strategy

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  • Rank in local languages with automated local language content

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  • Go long-tail by feeding Google 5x or 8x the amount of content without working extra.

  • Web based SAAS, works 24/7 from any computer.

  • Appear in local language directories, collections and search engines with local language content.

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Cyril Jeet

Ben Murray


I am Cyril “Jeet” Gupta here along with my partner Ben Murray, and we’ve been in the business of technology for over 20 years.

In 1999, when I made my first application software (an astro app), I quickly found myself against a wall. I wasn’t able to outcompete and outgrow the market leader even though I had a vastly superior product. He was just too well-entrenched.

Then I hit upon an idea. I decided to use the “hit-’em-where-they-ain’t” strategy. I sat down and added lots of local languages to my app. Soon, I was outselling him in the local markets and before long I was outselling everywhere else. I had become the market leader.

To be honest, doing what I did then wasn’t easy. I sanctioned 10 languages, and needed to get around 400 pages of content done in every one of them. I had to find a lot of translation experts and it was frightfully expensive

But in the end the effort and the investment paid off many times over.

Here’s the good news for you though; The opportunity is bigger than ever, and the cost of grabbing it is a fraction of what it used to be.

The Internet has brought people together like no other invention before it. It’s a global phenomenon that touches the minds of people in every country and every village.

People of all backgrounds, all colors and all languages.

How would you like to have every single one of them as your customer?

Here’s Why This Is The Perfect Time To Use Multilingual Marketing

The Internet Is Dominated By Local Languages

Gone are the days when the Internet was limited to an elite class that exclusively spoke English.

Now the Internet is a global phenomenon. No, it’s a pocket phenomenon. It’s in every pocket and the majority of Internet users online today either speak English as a second language, or don’t speak it at all.

I am talking about a whopping 75% of them! (ref:

Yes, 75% of the world’s Internet users use the net in another language and the number is significant even in the US.

Fact : 65% of US residents speak a second language.

Imagine, reaching them in it.

Language conversion is no longer expensive or error-filled thanks to recent AI advancements

This is not 2001. It’s 2020, the era of deep fake when machine processed language and audio processing has reached to such an advanced level that it’s virtually indistinguishable from a real human being.

Translations, text to audio, audio to text. All these technologies have matured and when you transform content now, you get really high quality results.

If you are a typical content creator then it is nearly certain that the audio, videos, articles and landing pages you create can be adapted into other formats and languages with market-cracking results.

Now is the right time to maximize your language marketing and grab the initiative

Changing technology is the biggest harbinger of opportunities. Those who grab it at the right time become legends.

Imagine being in the e-commerce revolution when it was still young.

Or, starting a content blog in a high-value niche while rankings were still ridiculously easy.

This is a moment just like these, and this time the opportunity is language content.

Three Factors That Make This The Perfect
Moment For You To Target New Languages
With Your Content

  • There are more people online today seeking content in local languages than ever before.

    The Demand Exists

  • There is an undersupply of local language content and your competition still isn’t there.

    There Is A Gap Between Demand & Supply

  • AI technology is advanced enough to give you easy and cheap access to content transformation (translation, and between text & voice)

    The Entry Barrier Is Low For You To Act Now

A time like this will not be here again. We are on the verge of an explosion in content localization. You can already see the trends. Right now, it’s only the big companies, but this will be the dominating trend in the market.

All content, delivered in every language and every format that consumers can consume in.

The question is, will you be the early benefiter or an ‘also-tried-didn’t-work’?



Powerful Language & Audio Toolkit

Translate Text Into Any Language

Translate any content including text, Webpage or Videos into 100s of languages.

Lifelike Voiceovers

Convert text of any language into audio, and even convert into audio of other languages.

Voice To Text

Turn audio clips and narrations into blog articles, posts or ebooks.

Here Are Just Some Of The Ways You Can Boost Your Online Business Using LinguaScribe’s Language Automation

Post your blog articles in multiple languages

Make audio versions of your articles & attract listeners

Convert your article into audio in another language

Make audiobooks from your blogs or ebooks

Make Voice-overs in any language for your sales pages

Narrate your videos & slideshows in any language you want

Post your social media posts in a different language

Crate podcasts from your blog in multiple languages

Convert videos into blog articles and posts

See LinguaScribe In Action

Includes 100s of Life-Like Sounding Voices in Hundreds of Different Languages (First Ever)

Listen to an English

Listen to a Dutch

Listen to a Spanish

Listen to a Hindi

Listen to a German

Listen to a French

See What Real Digital Marketers Like You Have To Say About LinguaScribe

I think this is the best program for automating the translation process. This program can make translation into other languages ​​more convenient and faster.

Mikhail Popov

WOW I am blown away by LinguaScribe and what it can do! I’ve been reuploading and ranking my clients videos in different languages and ranking on page 1 for the new terms thanks to this. I agree this is the most comprehensive voiceover and translation app today and a MUST for any marketer looking to grow their agency a lot faster.


What LinguaScribe can do for you In English alone is worth 5x the price. Turn text to audio and vice versa. The LinguaScribe translation feature is an added bonus. Get your copy!

Nick Reyes

Language Content Is A Super-Weapon You Cannot Afford To Give To Your Competition

As facts stand, business is going to irrevocably change in the coming months.

Either you will be the person who grabs all the local language traffic and leads, or it’s going to be your competition.

Because, if you think that this huge audience is going to remain untapped for long, well think again.

Here are some facts that you need to look at right away.

6 Reasons
Why Content localization Is A Must

65 Million +

People in the US can read, write or speak a second language.

75% +

Of all Internet users don’t have English as their first language.

Over 50%

Of all Google searches are not in English.

Only 45%

Of the Internet content is not in English. The competition is still low.

More than 75%

People prefer reading or listening to content in their language.

50% or more

That’s the immediate traffic boost you can get by targeting multiple languages.

Successful Marketers Are Already Doing This

Successful blogger and marketer Neil Patel increased his traffic 47% by just translating his blog into multiple languages.

This Is The Size of The Market That
Opens Up For You

65 Million
US Audience

Foreign language speakers in the US who you can target immediately.

741 Million
Europe Audience

The number of people living in Europe that you can target with their own language videos.

800 Million
Asia Audience

Target speakers of Asian languages & bring them to your website.

422 Million
South American Audience

Get more visitors, more traffic and more conversions from this fast growing market.

Total : Over 2 Billion People

The Trouble Is, Targeting This Market Can Be Slow, Painful & Frightfully Expensive

Translators & Voice-Over artists will charge you a bomb

Have you ever tried getting a translation quote?

Bottomline. It’s expensive. Translating a single article can cost the north of $50, and commissioning a voice-over may set you back a couple of 100 dollars.

And that’s only for one language.

Do it the old way and you will never make profits.

The wait is too long

When I got my app translated in 2001, working on just one language took up to 3 months. It took me three years to get all my target languages done.

There were so many hassles and issues that I am not sure I can do that all over again if I had to.

It’s too much effort

Even if in some fanciful world you could spend that much and wait that long, the effort is too much.

Coordinating, communicating, planning. Working with multiple freelancers for different languages. It can take up all your day with very little results.

It’s clearly impossible to target this market if you did it the conventional way.

But, Modern AI Tech Makes Things Absolutely
& Absolutely Affordable

It was really disappointing to know that there is such a huge and growing opportunity out there but no easy way to tap it. There had to be a better way.

Technology has helped businesses open up a lot of doors in recent times, and when the right tech appeared, we used to create something that will open up all the doors for you.

Translate Any Content Into Another Language

LinguaScribe’s powerful technology allows you to translate any content into any language you want.

  • Translate Text

  • Translate HTML

  • Translate Audio

Convert Between Content Formats Easily

LinguaScribe supports conversions between all content formats seamlessly. No need to get 3 or 4 different apps.

  • Convert Text into Audio (From any language to any language)

  • Convert audio to text (From any language to any language)

  • Convert audio into audio (Into a different language)

Get Real-Life Quality Audio & Content

LinguaScribe integrates with all the cutting-edge audio & speech APIs to give you the life-like audio and voice quality.

Create articles narrations, audiobooks or even sales voice-overs with confidence.

The Easiest Organic Traffic Boost You’ll Ever Get This Year

Feed It!

Feed LinguaScribe
audio or text

Translate It!

Take it to any
language you want in
audio or text

Translate It!

Reap It!

Watch the traffic
flow in from fresh

Point & Click Easy, You Don’t Need To Be
A Wizard of Anythings

Powerful Dashboard

See a bird’s eye view of all your conversion tasks in one place. See what tasks are done and what are scheduled.

Job Workflow

Create Job workflows of repeated conversions and the next time you can do one-click conversions even for multiple voices and languages.

Group Tasks in Gigs

Create multiple voice-overs & translations together using gigs. Track your conversion tasks and download everything from one place.

Convert Text To Speech

Quickly convert text into speech choosing from a plethora of voices and get your audio file instantly.

Convert Speech To Text

Want to turn a video into text? It’s easy with LinguaScribe. Create transcripts or articles from your videos easily in many languages.

Translate Text

Convert articles and webpages into other languages. Select from 100s of languages to convert between.

Credit Management

Keep track of how many conversions you’ve done and the credits you’ve used up. Also get more credits.


See details of successful and failed conversion tasks all in one place.

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The worth of this training alone is more than what we’re asking for the software + training.

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Do their voice-overs, translations, and create their content in multiple languages.

You can even transform their landing pages and sites into any language you want.

Charge them for the service or even give them away free as an add-on to your existing marketing offers.

5 Powerful Ways To Get Sales With
LinguaScribe Commercial Rights

Way 1

Sell language translation services to site owners and translate their landing pages.

Way 2

Create voice-overs and narrations for clients. For their videos.

Way 3

Create podcasts and voice-overs for client’s blog articles and web content.

Way 4

Transcribe their videos and audio files into the language of their choice and create ebooks.

Way 5

Sell audiobook making services. Create audiobooks from ebooks and offer to your clients as lead magnets.

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Need content for your lead building work?

Find out how automatic articles can help you get fresh leads without going crazy doing things from scratch.

Everything is easier when it’s done for you and readymade.

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Mail your leads direct from your desktop PC.

Need a quick solution to mail directly from your desktop PC?

You can use the List Mail Jeet. A quick little software that will help you mail any list very quickly from your desktop PC itself.

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